Hi everyone, I’m Adeline.

Wherever I go, I am constantly thinking about and looking for food. I find bliss and comfort in eating as well as learning how to cook the dishes myself.

I truly believe food is one of the best ways to connect with people. Just a smile, a quick nod or a thumbs up when you had something delicious transcends any language barrier, gender, race or nationality. One could often quickly make an instant connection or friendship when you have a common interest in food.

Food is also one of the means you get to learn one’s culture. Thousands or hundreds of years of culmination of culture and wisdom are often reflected in food. It is through food, you get to catch a glimpse of how the locals eat, why certain ingredients are used in cooking, how climate affects the way they eat, so on and so forth.

I enjoy tasting and learning about the various ethnic foods and their cultures that the migrants have brought with them. Thanks to them, the world has become a global melting pot of cultures and people are slowly opening up to accepting and gaining more awareness about food and cultures from other countries.

I often find myself day-dreaming about travelling to far-flung places and soaking up foreign sights, sounds and cultures. I also like to spend my free time in nature, either hiking or simply taking a stroll in the park. I sincerely believe in the healing powers of nature, as it provides me the space to unwind, to escape from the hustle and bustle in the city, to self-reflect and to introspect whilst reveling in its serenity and tranquility. Of course, sometimes I do find myself staying at home recuperating from my hectic schedule.

This website chronicles not only about food, but also my personal stories on  travels, adventures as well as misadventures.

In the hopes of building up on my writing portfolio, I have decided to move away from my previous blogspot and set up this brand new website.

If you like my work, please leave me a comment and share my articles. I welcome any collaboration or writing opportunities.

That is me cooking my comfort food Pan Mee for my friends.

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