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    Ramen joints in London

    Unsurprisingly, London boasts to have some of the finest Asian eateries in Europe; and that includes Japanese food. Thin wheat noodles served in piping hot broth (usually meat and vegetable broth), topped with pork slices, bamboo shoots and perfectly cooked half-boiled egg with a creamy liquid centre (Maximum YUMZ factors!), ramen is definitely the best food to comfort the wary souls after a long and tiring day. Many food guides have enlisted 5 best ramen joints around London and I’ve…

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  • Food food review UK

    Te Amo

    It is now the most hectic and stressful period of all–EXAMS are round the corner!!! Arghhh, I’ve been in my room studying, studying and studying!!! Especially when it comes to revisions,…