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Revisiting Penang With A Vengeance: Penang Ultimate Food Guide 2022

The food mecca, the food paradise - Penang, Malaysia. After 5 long years, I finally had the chance to return to the food paradise! Here's the link to my previous Penang food hunting trip:...

Cuti-cuti Malaysia – Kuantan Night River Cruise: Of Crocodiles and Fireflies

To the city dwellers living in Kuala Lumpur (KL), if you are running out of ideas on where to go for a quick weekend trip, why not head to Kuantan? Situated approximately 280km away from...

Goosebump Experiences in Gunung Berembun, Jelebu

Gunung Berembun, Jelebu in Negeri Sembilan, is a hiking hot spot for many avid hikers and trail runners in Malaysia. Known for its pristine jungle, it remains a challenge to hike up Gunung Berembun...

Weekend escapade from Malaysia: Sea of Cloud at Mt. Silipat in Thailand!

Where else can you go for a quick weekend trip for those living on the west coast of Malaysia, besides the usual touristy destination such as Malacca, Penang, Ipoh, etc? If you love nature, are...

Malaysia’s hiking gems: Bukit Bangkong + Bukit Batu Putih

Thanks to the KL Hiking & Trail Running group, I got the chance to spend the long weekend in Perak to witness its natural beauty. One of the main highlights of this trip is...

How to create new experiences despite the daily grind

  Somewhere in Tibet. We often feel that life on the road is always more exciting. New sounds, sights and smells and totally foreign environments. Our senses are excited and overwhelmed by all the newness and...

Perhentian Islands – How I spent USD110 (RM440) on a 3D2N paradise trip

Thanks to a close friend of mine, I finally had the opportunity to visit the Perhentian Islands, one of the top holiday destinations in Asia, if not the world. The Perhentian Islands are rich...

Food Hunting in Georgetown, Penang

I've recently written an updated entry on Penang street food (2002), here's the link: https://foodieadie.com/revisiting-penang-with-a-vengeance-penang-ultimate-food-guide-2022/ I'm a true-blue, die-hard foodie. On a shitty day, nothing but good food would cheer my soul up. So, of course...

[Closed] Mouth-watering Malay delicacies at Tree Under at Teluk Chempedak!!!

*Update* As of August 2020, this establishment no longer exists in Teluk Cempedak. The stall is well-received by the locals and foreign tourists Nasi Lemak with see-hum Last Sunday My family and I decided to head...

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