Curry-flavoured fried rice


Arghhh, another boring day filled with revisions, revisions and revisions!!! Tsk..tsk… I decided to cook something simple and not too complicated to treat myself to a nice dinner. I looked in the fridge and to my dismay, nothing much was left…sigh..time to do some grocery shopping. So, the easiest dish that I could think of was fried rice, but to add a little more punch to it, I thought of adding curry powder! Good thing that I had some leftover rice in the rice cooker, as only rice that is left overnight that does the trick to a plate of delectable fried rice as the rice will not be sticky and wet. Below is a little recipe I would like to share with you guys, hope you will enjoy it!!!


A bowl of rice (cooked the night before)
Few cloves of garlic (to individual liking)
Babas curry powder (personally I think this is one of the best curry powders available in market which gives a strong, piquant fragrance of Indian spices)
Parsley (bottled)
Carrots (sliced)
Tomatoes (optional)
Meat or any seafood

Heat up a few teaspoonfuls of cooking oil in a wok or frying pan. Add in finely chopped garlic and fry till fragrant or until it turns golden brown.

Add in meat or seafood of your choice (or both together) and stir fry until seared. Then, throw in other ingredients: carrots, tomatoes etc. Stir fry for a couple of minutes.

Add in the curry powder, pepper, salt, oyster sauce and other suitable seasonings.Stir fry the ingredients.

Put in the rice and push the rice aside at the middle of the wok to make way for the egg. Let the egg to be fried for a bit before stirring it in with the rice (this is to avoid the egg being mixed with the rice resulting in soaked rice that wouldn’t taste good at all!) Now stir fry all the ingredients together and make sure that everything in the wok is thoroughly blended well to evenly distribute the fragrant to every rice grain.
Stir fry a little longer at high heat to impart the wok hei if you like to infuse extra flavours and taste to the fried rice. Lastly, sprinkle some parsley shreds on top of the fried rice. Done!



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