Random scribbles of my thoughts…

I don’t usually write about politics nor discuss about politics openly, and yes I’m talking about the Malaysian politics. I believe most Malaysians from the Y-generation have a love-hate relationship with our beloved country; love for our family and friends back home; we love Malaysia for its myriad variety of good ol’ Malaysian food; we love the familiarity and the sense of belonging having spent our entire childhood in Malaysia. However, most of us loathe the Malaysian politics, how Malaysia is ruled using the divide-and-conquer approach which is not any different from during the British rule, how we hate the corrupted and inefficient incumbent government which has ruled the country only benefiting the minority. During my time in the UK, I’ve come across many Malaysian students who complaint how bad or how backward Malaysia is compared to the UK and are adamant and vow not to go back. There may be greener pastures abroad, home is still home, nowhere in this world can replace that very fact. I can sense a wind of change is coming to Malaysia, for the better or worse, let’s hope with more overseas Malaysians coming back to Malaysia to serve the country, we’ll be able to instill and inculcate the seeds of change, change for a better future. Why go to other countries, when there’s so much room for improvement back home, it’ll certainly be an exciting time to be able to witness that change…hopefully…


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