The grand curry feast!!!


Last Sunday, my family and I went to Restoran Hoi Yin, situated at Teluk Chempedak for its well-known curry noodles!!! It is absolutely pork-free (halal) and is well-received by people of all races, including the Malays. It is one of the oldest restaurants around town (has been around for nearly 35 years!!)

I found the pricing system a bit unique, most of the restaurants will have two bowl sizes: big and medium. However Hoi Yin has three sizes: jumbo, big and small, each costs: RM4.20, RM 3.50 and RM 3.20 respectively.

Its curry soup is simply irresistible, its creamy santan blends well wif the curry spices, it is simply a heavenly-made combination that will make everyone fall in love with curry. However, its noodle has a very heavy gan sui smell (due to boric acid uesd in those yellow-coloured noodles as preservatives), which is pretty disappointing as it spoils the rich curry taste.

The verdict is evrything is perfect except for the noodles. I recommend not to order noodles, instead order mihun or kuey tiao.

Food: 6/10

Calorie content: 5/10

Ambience: 6/10

Service: 9/10 (super fast!!!)

Total: 26/40 (not bad!)


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