The hype over CURE Natural Aqua Gel

Recently, I came across videos posted up by Bubzbeauty (aka Bub) on YouTube. Apparently she’s really popular and has lots of subscribers and most of her videos have ratings above 1 million!!! She’s pretty herself and has a amazingly clear, flawless skin! I think that’s the biggest draw for people (guys and gals alike) to watch her vids! She also has her own website which encompasses everything you need to know about beauty and fashion, and also she has really useful tips on make-up and her own T-shirt line! I found her videos to be extremely useful and handy especially when it comes to make-up, skincare products and hair styling. She also recommends a few products that she personally swears by, it seems like she loves using Laneige products as she mentions it in most of videos…She also mentions this skincare product from Japan called CURE Natural Aqua Gel, which does miracles to your skin and complexion. It is like none other exfoliators which cause harm or damage to sensitive skin and result in pore enlargement.

This product is the best seller cosmetic product in Japan for 2 consecutive years and has the record of being sold off every 40 seconds! Also, many beauty forums and youtubers are talking about it and some people who have used it even testified it themselves. Personally I do believe in this product as it is scientifically proven and testified by thousands of users. As this product is really rare outside Japan, making this product so sought after! It can be purchased online or at Watson’s stores in Hong Kong and Singapore. Well, I’ve ordered one, and I can’t wait to try on this product!!!

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