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Revisiting Penang With A Vengeance: Penang Ultimate Food Guide 2022

The food mecca, the food paradise - Penang, Malaysia. After 5 long years, I finally had the chance to return to the food paradise! Here's the link to my previous Penang food hunting trip:...

Ramen joints in London

Unsurprisingly, London boasts to have some of the finest Asian eateries in Europe; and that includes Japanese food. Thin wheat noodles served in piping hot broth (usually meat and vegetable broth), topped with pork...

Kon lou noodles marathon-Part 1

  I'm in the process of searching for Kuantan's best kon lou (mien) noodles. So, my dad and I had been trying out at several stalls around town. The first one was Hap Kee which...

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