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My thoughts on The Kite Runner

The movie adaptation of the novel "The Kite Runner" released in 2007. I randomly chanced upon the movie "The Kite Runner" which was adapted from a novel of the same title authored by Khaled Housseini....

Kashgar and its ill-fated Old City…

On a casual Thursday night, I was reminiscing my good ol' childhood spent watching documentaries upon documentaries from my favourite National Geographic channel on Astro. That channel is my source of knowledge and inspiration...

Living the high life in London..

London, the capital of the UK; centre of the once mighty British Empire where you can still find beautiful and notable iconic buildings such as the Big Ben, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, to...

Turkiye: Cappadocia

After we bade our farewells to Antalya, we embraced ourselves for a grueling 9-10-hour long bus ride to the world famous UNESCO Heritage Site -- Cappadocia via Konya (for a 45-minute stop). The bus...

Turkiye – Antalya & Pamukkale

As soon as we touched down Antalya at around 10.30pm (local time), we were pleasantly surprised by the state-of-the-art architecture and the enormous size of the airport. As we made our way to collect our luggage...

Last divided capital: Nicosia/Lefkosia

Contrary to how most people travel into Turkey, i.e. entry through Turkey's commercial hub, Istanbul, then travel from north to south; we did just the opposite. After resting for 3 days in Cyprus, we...

Viva la Flamenco!

Contrary to popular belief, Flamenco is a genre of Spanish music, not a type of dance. Originating from Andalusia, the Southern region of Spain, it is famed for its passionate, heart-rendering singing alongside guitar...

My food adventure –a la Moroccan style!

Morocco is a mishmash of sights, smells and sounds; a country of contradictions, despite being steeped in age-old traditions and conservatism, Morocco is gradually embracing modernisation in the awakening of its booming tourism industry. Throughout...

Yee Sang – Symbol of prosperity and abundance!

Yee sang or yu sheng (鱼生), both referring to the Teochew-style raw fish salad which is extremely popular amongst the Chinese communities in Singapore and Malaysia. It usually contains strips of raw salmon (or...


戏如人生,人生如戏。。。这句话说得一点都没错! 只可惜普通人的每日生活里就没那么精彩咯。。。唉。。。没事情做时就狂追看连戏剧,一看就无发自拔, 从早看到晚, 就连饭也懒得吃, 眼睛也是没有一刻是离的开电脑荧幕的,旁观者看到都觉得恐怖。 可是,身在其中的我们当然是不知情呀!慢慢地,连戏剧就神不知鬼不觉地,吞噬了我们得人生。就这样,我们把自己投射到戏里头的角色,情绪也跟随着剧情的发展而起伏,就这样, 连戏剧就成了我们的麻醉药。。。

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