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Exhilarating Ride Through The Countryside in Hoi An, Vietnam

When one talks about Hoi An in Vietnam, images of ancient colonial houses along the river banks teeming with wooden boats immediately come to mind. But what else is there to see and do...

Perhentian Islands – How I spent USD110 (RM440) on a 3D2N paradise trip

Thanks to a close friend of mine, I finally had the opportunity to visit the Perhentian Islands, one of the top holiday destinations in Asia, if not the world. The Perhentian Islands are rich...

Hitchhiking from the UK to Morocco (Throwback)

Flashback to nearly 6 years ago, I had one of the most epic and amazing adventures of my life when I signed up for a hitchhiking trip from the UK to Morocco (Charity Hitch...

Heaven Lights @ Goa Jomblang

I was very thankful to the bunch of travellers from Malaysia that I encountered at my hostel "Nasi Bungkus". They were the ones who recommended this website www.yogya-backpacker.com, which contains a lot of useful...

台湾浓厚的人情味 Taiwan’s hospitality

It was my first time to go to Taiwan. We were making our way to the mountain town "Jiufen" 九份 made famous by the movie "City of Sadness" and the anime movie "Spirited Away". The bus...

Turkiye: Cappadocia

After we bade our farewells to Antalya, we embraced ourselves for a grueling 9-10-hour long bus ride to the world famous UNESCO Heritage Site -- Cappadocia via Konya (for a 45-minute stop). The bus...

Turkiye – Antalya & Pamukkale

As soon as we touched down Antalya at around 10.30pm (local time), we were pleasantly surprised by the state-of-the-art architecture and the enormous size of the airport. As we made our way to collect our luggage...

Last divided capital: Nicosia/Lefkosia

Contrary to how most people travel into Turkey, i.e. entry through Turkey's commercial hub, Istanbul, then travel from north to south; we did just the opposite. After resting for 3 days in Cyprus, we...

Viva la Flamenco!

Contrary to popular belief, Flamenco is a genre of Spanish music, not a type of dance. Originating from Andalusia, the Southern region of Spain, it is famed for its passionate, heart-rendering singing alongside guitar...

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