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Exhilarating Ride Through The Countryside in Hoi An, Vietnam

When one talks about Hoi An in Vietnam, images of ancient colonial houses along the river banks teeming with wooden boats immediately come to mind. But what else is there to see and do...

Biggest Buddhist Festival in Tibet – Saga Dawa

The Journey to the Festival Site, Tarboche It was -2 degrees Celsius in early June 2018. I was in the one of the remotest regions in the world, a seemingly small, desolate, grimy town called "Darchen"...

Weekend escapade from Malaysia: Sea of Cloud at Mt. Silipat in Thailand!

Where else can you go for a quick weekend trip for those living on the west coast of Malaysia, besides the usual touristy destination such as Malacca, Penang, Ipoh, etc? If you love nature, are...

Malaysia’s hiking gems: Bukit Bangkong + Bukit Batu Putih

Thanks to the KL Hiking & Trail Running group, I got the chance to spend the long weekend in Perak to witness its natural beauty. One of the main highlights of this trip is...

How to create new experiences despite the daily grind

  Somewhere in Tibet. We often feel that life on the road is always more exciting. New sounds, sights and smells and totally foreign environments. Our senses are excited and overwhelmed by all the newness and...

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