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Hi everyone, I’m Adeline Phua. Travelling and learning about food and their stories is my biggest passion and interest in life. Therefore, this blog “Itchy-Mouth-Itchy Feet” is all about my personal experiences in food, travel and life in general.

Bavarian Food That Most People Do Not Know About

1. Brotzeit "Brotzeit" literally means bread time. Native to the Bavarian cuisine, it is typically eaten in a beer garden as a snack or at home as dinner for those who are too lazy to...

Making your own Nasi Lemak (Malaysian coconut rice with sambal)

Being in Malaysia, we are blessed with an abundance of affordable and amazing street food of huge varieties. One of them being Nasi Lemak. Touted as the national dish of Malaysia, it comprises fluffy...

What and Where to Eat in Portugal?

Owing to its former glorious days during colonialism, especially the Great Navigations, the Portuguese had adopted a diverse range of ingredients in their cuisine. Ranging from coriander, ginger, black pepper to sugar cane, these...

Osaka Food Guide: Off-The Beaten Track, Lesser-Known Local Eateries (Part 1)

Osaka is not known as Japan's kitchen for nothing. Being the third largest city in Japan and a city steeped in history, business and trade, it is natural that Osaka has become the confluence...

Making Okonomiyaki – Add whatever you like in it!

Okonomiyaki お好み焼きis a savoury Japanese pancake which literally means "fry as you like". True to its name, it is a simple dish where you could literally add whatever ingredients that you like into the...

South Korea: Jeju Olle trail – Udo Island

What is Jeju Olle trail? Under the Korean tourism board's initiative, well-paved, marked and designated walking trails have been set up all over Jeju Island. In the local Jeju dialect, "Olle" means the narrow path...

Cuti-cuti Malaysia – Kuantan Night River Cruise: Of Crocodiles and Fireflies

To the city dwellers living in Kuala Lumpur (KL), if you are running out of ideas on where to go for a quick weekend trip, why not head to Kuantan? Situated approximately 280km away from...

Goosebump Experiences in Gunung Berembun, Jelebu

Gunung Berembun, Jelebu in Negeri Sembilan, is a hiking hot spot for many avid hikers and trail runners in Malaysia. Known for its pristine jungle, it remains a challenge to hike up Gunung Berembun...

Food Guide – What I Ate (& Drank) in Danang, Vietnam

Are you planning for a trip to Danang soon? Or you are just a fan of Vietnamese cuisine in general (like me)? Danang is the fifth largest city in Vietnam and boasts a long coastline...

FoodieAdie’s Quintessential Vietnamese Food Guide: Hoi An, Central Vietnam

Hoi An is famous for its well-preserved Ancient Town. Dotted with old buildings and bridges of various eras and styles, the architecture was heavily influenced by a mixture of cultures such as the Chinese,...

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