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Osaka Food Guide: Off-The Beaten Track, Lesser-Known Local Eateries (Part 1)

Osaka is not known as Japan's kitchen for nothing. Being the third largest city in Japan and a city steeped in history, business and trade, it is natural that Osaka has become the confluence...

Food Guide – What I Ate (& Drank) in Danang, Vietnam

Are you planning for a trip to Danang soon? Or you are just a fan of Vietnamese cuisine in general (like me)? Danang is the fifth largest city in Vietnam and boasts a long coastline...

Chiang Mai – First Impressions

This was my second visit to Thailand. My first trip was to the hustling and bustling metropolitan city Bangkok. I had mixed feelings for that city probably because I was never a huge fan of...

Kumamoto Foods: The Strange and the Bizarre

When we talk about Kumamoto, first thing comes to mind is the "Kumamon" - a cartoon character of the rosy-cheeked, stoned-looking black bear mascot with a which is seen plastered and advertised everywhere from...

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